Thursday, December 1, 2016

CBA brands cultural centre in Milano

Centro Culturale di Milano is, to translate, a cultural centre in Milano. Formed in 1981 it strives to "bring together different stories, people, experiences and cultures". In October it launched a new visual identity, developed by CBA.

Built around the letter C, most collateral features concentric circles, showing how culture spreads from the central point that is the cultural centre.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fazer Marianne shows its stripes

Marianne is a variety of mint candies filled with either toffee or chocolate manufactured by Finnish confectionery maker Fazer. This autumn the brand was given a refreshed look, designed by Finnish agency Pentagon Design.

Overall, the packaging has been purified with simpler graphics. The traditional red or blue stripes have been emphasised, with a simple white circle in the centre to hold the logo and a product shot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

DesignStudio brands art service Artfinder

Artfinder is a new service that represents artists and helps them gets in touch with costumers by also helping other people find these artists and their work. Its corporate identity has been developed by DesignStudio.

The strategy is built on the idea of "Making Art Work", making art accessible for all. This is expressed through a clear and unencumbered way of communicating. Central to the branding programme is a red dot, similar to the one used to mark a sold piece of art.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Just letters for new SVT logo

SVT is Sweden's national television broadcaster, providing five TV channels and a bunch of interactive services. Launched in 1956, it celebrated its 60th anniversary last Friday. At the same time, they took the opportunity to launch a new corporate logo.

SVT has been using a "starflower" as its symbol since 2001, originally for all services but later limiting it to represent the company as a whole. This rebrand sheds to symbol completely. The remaining letters where presumably not distinctive enough and have been replaced by letters of similar size but with a bit more character.

New digits have been designed for the main channels, SVT1 and SVT2, but other than that the graphics packages are built largely on foundations laid back in 2012.

Friday, November 25, 2016

New swan for the Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is an organisation set up in 1952 to promote co-operation between the Nordic countries. The organisation's symbol has long been a swan in a blue circle and at the end of October they introduced a new version of this symbol. The new swan is designed by Danish designer Bo Linnemann of Kontrapunkt.

The new swan is more legible and digitally appropriate than its predecessor. The primary versions of the logo are coloured blue, but they can also take on any of the five colours used in the Nordic flags when variations is required. The typeface used is Mark Pro.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gridded knit man for Smartwool

Smartwool makes wool clothing based on various smart techniques that attract certain discerning costumers who love the outdoors. This year, the company has launched a new visual identity, designed by Solidarity of Unbridled Labour. While it was revealed at a trade show back in January, it doesn't appear t have been launched in full until June this year.

The old logo dated back to the 1990s when Smartwool was just starting out. It was designed by Duffy Design and is nice example of that era's ground-breaking identity design with its quirky down-to-earth feel. The new mark is designed to keep some of the friendliness of the original design, while making it more legible and contemporary.

Central to the new look is a coloured grid inspired by knitting and this includes the wool man from the old logo who has been transformed by the grid.

Monday, November 21, 2016

TV channel Encuentro meets dimensional logo

Encuentro is an educational TV channel operated by the government of Argentina. Earlier this month, the channel launched a new look with a new logo.

Apparently starting with the old logo, the new one is extended and with a more three-dimensional look. The graphics package extends the isometric look further with different visuals in bright colours.